Your Warranty is Important

Getting around is a fundamental need. Every day, we must transport ourselves in some way to carry out basic activities, such as commuting to work, shopping or dropping off children to school. When public transportation is not available or practical, owning a motor vehicle is a necessity.

Many automobiles are sold every day, new or used. What could go wrong? Sometimes, cars can be defective from the factory, or a problem can arise later. The warranty will cover the costs of repair for warrantied components, but what if the dealer cannot repair a defect within a reasonable time, or what if the vehicle is not repairable?  Fortunately, the Lemon Law and the federal breach of warranty law can help.

Beauvais Law Firm, LLC has been focusing exclusively on Lemon Law and automobile breach of warranty cases for 23 years and could even be described as lemon law pioneer in Oregon and Washington.  Please don’t be tempted to handle your own case and call an attorney as a last resort, because the additional miles on your vehicle might result in a disappointing result.  Without further ado, let’s get started with a free consultation!

How Long Does a Warranty Usually Last?


Your vehicle’s warranty manual will provide the answer and describe in detail which components are covered and excluded from the warranty.  Many people will also purchase an extended warranty.  A breach of warranty claim is available if you file it during the manufacturer’s warranty period, as well as during the extended warranty period unless you bought the extended warranty from another company.  Therefore, you need to take swift action before it is too late to file a claim.  Time and odometer mileage are of the essence, so why waste time?  If you decide to contact the manufacturer, be very careful what you say because the conversations will be recorded, and they could later be used to challenge your case.  For example, complaining about the repair dealership could later be used to argue that your grievance is really against the dealership for negligent repairs rather than against the manufacturer for a factory defect.  Why take a chance? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

How Long Does a Warranty Usually Last?

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