Are auto dealers and service departments open for business in Oregon and Washington State during the coronavirus “stay-at-home” requirement?

In most cases, yes, because they are deemed to provide an essential service for people who need to buy or have a vehicle repaired to drive to essential work, grocery stores or medical facilities.  But there are exceptions.  For example, one Toyota dealer was temporarily closed for deep cleaning after an employee tested positive for the virus.

If your vehicle is defective, call your dealership to ask if they could pick it up from your home and bring it back after repair.  When a vehicle is not worth repairing, it’s still important to be able to buy a new vehicle during this time.  People would panic if they could not drive safely to essential destinations.

With sales dropping sharply during the stay-at-home period, consumers might be in the driver’s seat, so to speak.  Many dealers are currently offering deep discounts or incentives, perhaps even a 0% interest rate on a car loan.  Ask dealers about “no-contact” sales and service: shopping from home, filling the paperwork online, home delivery, and solo test drives.  Ask about their sanitizing procedures when a car is delivered to your home.


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